Clyde's Gallant Fox: Mammoth Jack Standing at Stud.
Breeding Info

Ted Wins First Place in Western Pleasure at LouisvilleClyde's Gallant Fox will stand the 2022 breeding season as a fee of $650 for mares and jennets. Multiple mare discounts are available. Contact us for details.


Mare care for on-site breeding is $10 per day for dry mares and $15 per day for nursing mares.


Any additional veterinary or farrier care will be billed to the owner.


We use ONLY artificial insemination methods. This is much safer both for our jack and your mares and foals. Both Dan and Tabitha are extremely knowledgeable in equine reproduction techniques and it is to our benefit to get your mare settled as quickly and safely as possible.


Shipped semen is available. Semen is shipped in an equitainer at $200 per shipment which includes Fed Ex Overnight shipping. $225 for Saturday delivery. We ship in an Equitainer to ensure the best possible quality semen. Our Equitainer must be returned within 7 days.


We have very nice facilities with turnout and we feed high quality grain and hay.


Please refer to the forms below or contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.


On-Site Breeding Contract


Shipped Semen Breeding Contract

Mammoth Jack Standing at Stud to Mares & Jennets Email Us at
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